Friday, 24 January 2014

Not one for a scrap...

So yet again I am late with my post, but if you have been keeping an eye on my facebook or twitter you will have seen that I haven't been well. 

In nicer news, you will all now have seen the amazing news that we are going to be featured on the North West Brides Magazine website! The response we have had has been such a surprise! 

I always thought when I got engaged I would be living in a house full of wedding magazines, that I'd be the type of bride who would have a wedding scrapbook teeming over with ideas. But we have been quite refined with all the planning in the house. 

This is the entirety of our hardcopy wedding things. The Getting Married in Northern Ireland magazine is the first one I got and it's actually a few years old! The third booklet is the catalog from SD Kells that James picked up whilst looking for suits.

What I hadn't noticed before we got engaged was that we have fantastic publications helping you with planning your wedding in Northern Ireland. Many have the best tips for offers going on at venues, and even venues you may not have thought about. It's also amazing to see Local weddings, and having a nosey for people you might know!

Instead of having a big scrapbook I have found Pinterest really useful for pulling together ideas! I obviously can't show you mine right now because there are a few specifics that might give away all the surprises we have planned!

I am so glad that James is so decisive, as I am really not. I think that if I was left to my devices nothing would be organised by now!

I've been properly surprised by the lead time on so many of the components to the wedding! Some things I thought would only take a few weeks actually can take up to 9 months, but that's for another post!


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