Thursday, 28 November 2013

One very spoilt girl

As you may have gathered from James's post, I am a very lucky girl! Not only does he have a way with words (I really did blush reading his last post!) but he also treats me like a Princess. Any of my friends who have met him (or heard me prattle on about him) always ask where I found him or if he has any brothers – you know the answer to the first and he is the only boy in his family, which probably explains why he treats me so well!
Add to this the fact that James is just at little* competitive (*read incredibly), present times are always amazing! James has a way of finding/making the perfect present. Our first celebration together was Christmas in 2011. If you have met me before (or my mum) you will know that in our house we love Christmas! In fact, if I could get away with it I would have Christmas decorations up all year round!
We had only been seeing each other for a few months, but he arrived down a few days before the big day with a big shiny gift bag and separate plastic bag.
In that bag I found neon paper, pritt stick and scissors, which can mean only one thing for any Christmas lover... Paper chains! So we sat up and made those, opened presents and just generally had an amazing Christmasy evening with a blazing fire!
The beauties in action!

So as a very spoilt girl I have gotten used to joking with James that anytime he goes to the shop I'd like a surprise, a present and treats. So on the 2nd of November, James headed off to the shop and brought me back a chocolate bar and a Boost drink. More than happy with my treat and present I went off upstairs for a shower and knowing I wasn't heading anywhere for the day got into comfies for a lazy day at home!
What I didn't know was that James left the house on a secret mission! I settled myself down on the sofa assuming James had forgotten to get something for lunch. The next thing I knew James was at the door saying “you know how you got your present and a treat earlier? Would you like a Surprise?”
Well, of course I did! James pushed in a massive box wrapped up in Christmas paper! A big tag and bow sat on top. I actually said out loud “if this is a trick it has taken way too much effort!”

When I opened the top of the box, a giant Mickey Mouse balloon popped out! James shouted “You're...We're going to Disneyland!!!” This was one awesome very early Christmas present!
I'm not going to lie, I may have shed a tear…

James has secretly booked us a weekend to Disneyland Paris, and even better we were going in two weeks!

Little did I know he had even more secret plans on the go...


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