Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I’m no Shake-a-Spear but...

The wedding is just around the corner and the tempo has been ramped up! All the jobs that were left for future James and future Catherine have finally come back around. We are meeting them head on and tackling them in a positive and decisive attitude.

When you book anything for your wedding whether it is a band, the cake a photographer they all somehow know to use the same line “Sure we’ll chat closer to the time...” it’s like they are all on the same script or had the same wedding service teacher. Now we are closer to the time, Catherine and i have sent a lot of time getting back in contact with these people.

The biggest thing that is yet to done is a biggie. I have yet to write my speech. I have plenty of ideas just nothing on paper. Every now and again I get small moments of inspiration. I smirk for a minute about how clever it is and tell myself to remember it. Since I do not actually write it down its gone forever. So absolute pearls are now lost forever.

One idea that has stuck with me is making the entire speech from inspirational movie quotes. The only problem is that although I could possibly use “NOBODY puts Catherine in the corner!”, I am struggling with “ROADS?... Where we’re going we don’t need roads”.

The speech is one of those thing at will come to me eventually I just need some time to sit and think. I have discussed it with Catherine. She has gave me a rough time limit (once I start I can ramble forever) secondly she has recommended I at least use bullet points. I normally unless I write down a few pointers, I'll wing it, speaking from the heart. This normally leads to a room full of blank faces trying their best to keep up with my lost train of thought.

I know that once I finally get pen to paper all will be ok and it’s not stressing me out because I know how much I love my very soon to be wife. I won’t have to stretch out a 5 minute speech; I will have to condense a sermon of how much I feel for her. We will see how I do in 9 Days.

Friday, 26 September 2014


First off folks, I'd like to apologise on behalf of James and myself! We have been very badly AWOL for nearly two weeks now and that is down to a number of things. 

First of James and I have been pretty I'll these past few weeks. We both contracted two horrible variations of the dreaded lurgy that is going around. It was so serious James even went out and bought himself medicine. James never take medicine, so when he arrived home from work with cough syrup, so others and a grumpy head I knew it was serious!
James is a much better patient than I. Well no that's not true. James just carries on and attempts to fight through it by working harder and infecting as many people as possible around him. I on the otherhand curl up in a ball and sleep. Or at least I usually would. This time around I had something to organise...

It is now less. Than two weeks to the big day and there has been so much to do. I have only just confirmed the music for the day, I had my final fitting of my wedding dress during the week. The boys have all be measured for their suits. The favours are sorted, the surprises we have planed through the day are basically completed. I have confirmed our entertainment, I hav a few wee bits and pieces to sort out with te photographer... And so much more! 
Everyone said that we'd have so much to do in the last few weeks and I did believe them, but holy cow there's a lot to do when planning a wedding!

James and I did kind of take some time out from planning our own wedding to attend the Quirky Weddings Alternative Wedding Fair in the Waterfront Hall which was fantastic! Was so much fun being a judge this time around! I would definitely recommend everyone go to it, not just brides and grooms to be! 

All of our legal papers are all sorted, they just need to be signed on the day which is speeding up the road! I can't believe I have only one more post before the big day itself....


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What goes on tour stays on tour

Last weekend I took part in the ancient tradition of the STAG. You eagle eyed keen readers may have noticed my missing post last Monday, this was stag related. Needless to say I had neither the mental ability nor the physical fortitude to hold my concentration for more than 30 seconds. Now that time has passed and I am back to myself again here it goes.

I woke early on the Saturday morning excited and bowled over by the shire number of texts and snapchats, all the boys expressing their excitement. I got changed put on my cowboy shirt and boots, and relaxed. My beautiful Catherine wrangled me up some breakfast and I was ready to go. I gathered up enough beer and Morgans to get a small army drunk, crisps and nuts to level things out. The plan was to meet at Jason’s house (the best man) have a bite and go on to the pub. Here I had my second breakfast.

I was also handed my amazing stag Polo shirt. He had done an incredible job. Using the Doctor Who logo and changing the “D” to a “C” he created the prefect slogan for a stag doo “Catherine Who”. It still cracks me up. The way I judge it is to consider what I would have done but it surpassed anything i could have dreamt up (and that is saying something). So with my new polo and second breakfast in me we headed to the pub.

The recurring theme of showing up early to the pub was emphasised for the last number of weeks. Everyone was told meet around 10am – 10:30am and the last man in has a forfeit. This is a great idea as it made everyone put an inch to their step and arrive on time. When we arrived at the bar “Dainty Davies” we were welcomed with 16 mystery shots. All had different shots in them but all looked exactly the same. The forfeit for the last man was to take 4.

There it was pints and shots at 10am. Everyone started to arrive and the bus came on time. Jason had booked Kellys Bus Hire to take us to Dublin. Originally we were to take the train however with the Dublin train strikes we were safe with the bus. The craic was mighty on the bus down. Agie (aka Kung fu Panda) had made a stag CD of classic 90’s tunes.

After lots of beer, cider, vodka, a mini road trip and a lot of dehydration stops we made it to Dublin (3 hours later). We checked out our Staycity penthouse apartment. It was unreal. The view of Dublin we had was unparallel. The top 2 floors were booked out so we didn’t have to worry about the noise. After a few more drinks, some slagging and some giggles we went for dinner in temple bar.

After that in true stag fashion... What goes on tour stays on tour....

Needless to say I had a fantastic time as did the rest of the guys. The road home was just as much craic as the say down as we regaled each other with stories from the night before. I would like to thank all the guys for making the weekend a blurry memorable one

Jason – “I love spar”
Dinky – “Jedward”
Damien – “Morris Minor”
Jimmy – “The King”
Nicky – “The butcher boy”
Agie – “Kung fu panda”
Phil – “Little Phil”
Shane – “Shane O Mac”
Pat – “Pat Jennings”
Gerard – “Spanner”
Fergal – “Sir Alex Fergal”
Wayne – “The Hurricane”
Loco – “TG4 Loco”

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I would tell you but then...

Well it is officially 4 weeks to the wedding! As I am writing this it exactly to the second the time I will be walking in through those massive doors of my church! How exciting! 

The most amazing thing that we have had from writing this blog along the way has been how so many of you have gotten in touch and become so involved in our big day/our story! 

One thing that comes up again and again is people giving us ideas or talking to us about what they think we will/should have on our day! 

The problem with this is that we just can't say yes or no to anything! We don't want to give anything away! What we can say is that some people think that our wedding is going to be absolutely crazy and "out of this world" - what we respond back to these people is that our wedding will be quite Traditional, of course with a few quirks ;) 

We love hearing from you all on what you think we might have on the day, and even better what you think we won't have!!!
Be sure to get in touch - @geeksgetmarried @cittiecait @jamesdoon85

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Busy bee!

Its been a very busy week! I had planned on writing a blog last Friday after I ticked off a massive item on my todo list, but I've been I such a tizzy since that I just didn't get around to it!

You see I picked up my Wedding dress.

Yup, in my parents house right now is my dress! It was so amazing trying on my dress in the shop and yet again the ladies  in Pronuptia were just incredible! It really feels like you are shopping with friends!
It was a nice wee surprise that I had slimmed down a lot since I first was measured for my dress. 
I will be going to a local dress maker to make all my alterations soon and she is an absolute genius! She did both of James's sisters' alterations for their wedding and our friend Leeanne's alterations too. 

I have also been trying some new colours in my hair to see what I will have on my big day! I'm not sure I've definitely found my colour yet! I'm sure I will figure it out though! 

Just 5 weeks to go!!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Stick with us!

Towards the end of last week a very exciting moment happened for Catherine. She will go into more detail on her post on Thursday.

Catherine initially started the blog as a quick way to get the story or our engagement out there and I went alone for the ride. It has been tremendously difficult walking the line between spoilers and exclusives. The last thing we wanted was to give away all our plans for the wedding and lessen the experience for our guest.

Catherine and I get asked a very good question quite regularly

“What are you going to do with the blog once you get married?”

The blog is about how we geeks get married, once we are married that should be it. Well all I can say is stick with us for a few weeks afterwards that will be when we get to reveal all. From very secret plans to every mishap along the way. All the details that would be considered spoilers.

Who knows we may even start “How geeks stay married” or “How geeks have a baby”

Who knows?

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