Thursday, 11 September 2014

I would tell you but then...

Well it is officially 4 weeks to the wedding! As I am writing this it exactly to the second the time I will be walking in through those massive doors of my church! How exciting! 

The most amazing thing that we have had from writing this blog along the way has been how so many of you have gotten in touch and become so involved in our big day/our story! 

One thing that comes up again and again is people giving us ideas or talking to us about what they think we will/should have on our day! 

The problem with this is that we just can't say yes or no to anything! We don't want to give anything away! What we can say is that some people think that our wedding is going to be absolutely crazy and "out of this world" - what we respond back to these people is that our wedding will be quite Traditional, of course with a few quirks ;) 

We love hearing from you all on what you think we might have on the day, and even better what you think we won't have!!!
Be sure to get in touch - @geeksgetmarried @cittiecait @jamesdoon85


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