Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Stick with us!

Towards the end of last week a very exciting moment happened for Catherine. She will go into more detail on her post on Thursday.

Catherine initially started the blog as a quick way to get the story or our engagement out there and I went alone for the ride. It has been tremendously difficult walking the line between spoilers and exclusives. The last thing we wanted was to give away all our plans for the wedding and lessen the experience for our guest.

Catherine and I get asked a very good question quite regularly

“What are you going to do with the blog once you get married?”

The blog is about how we geeks get married, once we are married that should be it. Well all I can say is stick with us for a few weeks afterwards that will be when we get to reveal all. From very secret plans to every mishap along the way. All the details that would be considered spoilers.

Who knows we may even start “How geeks stay married” or “How geeks have a baby”

Who knows?


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