Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A piece of string is twice as long as half its length...

Believe it or not we are one week closer to the wedding than we were 7 days ago. Weeks are getting faster and it’s hard to believe we have done so much in 10 months. This bombshell brings up the issue of how long it takes to plan a wedding. – “How long is a piece of String”

It is different for everyone; in my opinion traditionally most take a 1-2 year gap between engagement and marriage. We got engaged in November 2013 so we really could have waited until mid 2015.From the very beginning this wasn’t for us.

Within the first week (I think first couple of hours) Catherine had decided who her bridesmaids would be, colour scheme and a whole load of other stuff. I helped alone the way with a few ideas now and again. By February we believe we had pretty much everything all wrapped up and kinda started taking a laid back approach. We were wrong, we had forgotten a lot of stuff. Needless to say council paper work, church paperwork designing invites. All stuff we have done now but had pushed off from completing a long time ago.

The major point of this post is to highlight the fact the whether you are getting married in 11 months or 2 years, you will like us experience the rollercoaster effect of everything happening all at once, and a lot of waiting around, waiting for things to happen of when you can do something.

So how long does it take to organise a wedding? How long is a piece of string?

You may have spotted on our social media today that we have been shortlisted for the Irish. Blog Awards in not one, but two categories - Best Newcomer and Best Personal blog. We are so pleased! We are looking forward to seeing who all gets through as finalists!


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