Friday, 1 August 2014

A little bit of a round up!

So with me (Catherine) doing the big post unusually on Monday, I thought james an I might swap days, but I think I need to keep myself tied down to a Thursday. Talking about being tied down, anyone else disappointed with the 50 Shades of Grey trailer? Anyway I digress!

I am so excited that we are not only shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog awards ( but we found out this week that we have made the long list for not one but THREE categories in the Irish blog awards ( 

It's so so exciting to have been nominated and to be seen as fitting the criteria for best Humour blog (James is incredibly chuffed at this!), best personal blog and best newcomer!
 We hope you have all signed up to be judges (I think there is still time to apply -

So I thought that since we have so many new folk coming along to join us on the journey I'd do a quick round up of links to the posts that will catch you up fastest! 

So here goes!
How it all began -
Evil plans and stuff -
One very spoilt girl -
Just an old fashioned guy -
The one you've been waiting for -
Choosing my band of Merry Maids -
The Three Musketeers -

That should be enough to keep you going! Feel free to continue on from there to see how all the planning is going!

There is only 9 weeks and 6 days to go! I did something very official yesterday, so will fill you in on that next week!


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