Monday, 4 August 2014

T minus 10...

So the wedding day is looming around the corner. Only 10 weeks to go. We have come to the realisation now that no matter what else we do the important stuff is sorted. All we need is the priest,the church and the council legal papers in order. Everything else is just icing on the cake. But seriously who doesn’t love icing.

The only problem with our blog is that we have so much to share but are hesitant to reveal all. We want our wedding day surprises to remain surprises for our guests. For example I have a secret project in the works since January. The only people privileged to the secret are the wedding party. All will be revealed but not at this time.

For myself there are several key points that make a wedding great. And just like a shuttle taking off from NASA there is a check list.

The Weather – Dry and sunny but not too warm. This is completely out of our hands. We live in Ireland and a general rule of thumb is to expect rain every day. Catherine and I being our obsessive selves however did research the last few years’ weather in Northern Ireland. According to the research we are due a crisp day with no rain with sunny intervals (I know that as I write this the commentators curse is now upon us and it will bucket out of the heavens) all I can say is we had a late heat wave last year on that week so fingers crossed.

The crowd – this is partially up to us. We make the wedding day but our guests will make it a day to remember. Every couple getting married get to choose who they want there and every couple will experience the “if you invite them you’ll have to invite...” or “I bet you’ve forgot...” even “invite them both but don’t sit them anywhere near each other!” Thankfully we haven’t had a tough time of it. The biggest problem is cutting the numbers down to fit the venue.

The food – anyone who has just come back from and a wedding will be asked the same question “what was the food like” no matter who you are male or female; the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Bad food can ruin a day. Thankfully we have had the good fortune to try Lust begs wedding service as well as their pub grub and each time we were not disappointed.

The entertainment – what’s a wedding without a bit of boogie dancing, jiving and general “ohh look that the effort that went into that”, Catherine and I believe that we have a good mix of entertainment. Things people will love, things that people might not understand and things that nobody would think of doing.

That one thing – the list could go on and on but basically I think we have set ourselves up for a great day full of quirky details that will make our guests think “totally James and Catherine...” now we have 10 weeks to round off the edges, let the glue dry and hope it all comes together. There is one last thing to add to my NASA check list for a perfect wedding day and for me it’s the most important thing of all. The only thing that actually matters, that’s Catherine. She is the one thing that is going to make the day perfect for me. Nothing else matters as long as she is there. Everything I organise for the day is all for her to hopefully make her happy.


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