Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Getting there...

A mere 9 weeks to go. I know it will get on the nerves that each post will contain the ETA to the wedding however it is the only thing that is constantly going through our heads. “8 weeks this Thursday”, “this day 9 weeks...”. That being said I’m glad I have no jitters or real nerves surround the day. Only that the day goes off without a hitch so we can get hitched without any hiccups.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be trying to tie off some loose ends in our wedding plan. For example Saturday past Catherine and I went to visit Father Carville. Father Carville is my parish priest, he is a lovely man and very approachable. In order for me to get married in another parish (Catherines) he has to go through the pre marriage enquire form. Basically it is the freedom to marry form, including Baptism and Confirmation certificates. I believe that Catherine still has hers to go through but all the paperwork on my side is finished.

We also went and spoke to the lovely Iona about our flowers for the day. We came to her last Thursday armed with 2 pieces of information, colour and the only flower we knew that colour. She was brilliant and talked us through some great ideas and different flowers. All in all a great visit to put our minds at rest. We joked about getting Venus fly trap buttonholes (no flies on me!) a joke but the more I think of it the more I warm to the idea.

Catherine has been amazing; she has been setting herself tasks each day and following through on them. Micro managing different cogs so the whole machine will work as one. Making phone calls, doing research and comparing different services Catherine really has begun to smoothing the edges.

There is quite a lot yet to sort out and tick off the list but we are ahead of ourselves and keeping on top of things.


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