Thursday, 14 August 2014

Something borrowed...

I am not afraid to admit that I am totally obsessed with wedding shows on tv. The fact that TLC have Wedding Wednesday gets me giddy with excitement. My favourite at the moment is Say yes to the dress, mainly because it's awesome to see that there are crazier brides than me! 

James's favourite show is Don't tell the bride, and it has been brought up quite a few times that we should have entered ourselves into the show as everyone reckons he'd either do it perfectly or do something completely bizarre and mental! It's also my mum and sister's favourite show too, but is seem to always miss it.

Another show that we all love is four weddings, were four brides attend each others weddings and score them. One of the more recent ones I watched was an Austrailian one were one of the brides got quite upset that each of the other brides had done something that she was planning on doing on her big day and went as far as to change the colour scheme of her wedding!

This got me thinking. Is copying/doing something similar to other peoples weddings really that bad? We've been to some amazing weddings, have seen some amazing ones on tv and lusted after some of the gorgeous real weddings in magazines.

I am constantly reading wedding blogs to get ideas so why would you not take inspiration from other weddings? Is it really a big deal? I reckon it's going to be nearly impossible to have a totally individual and unique wedding. The point of a wedding itself is a tradition. There are things that are the same at everyone's weddings. If you really loved something you've seen, why would you not have it on your big day? That's the whole point of fashion etc!

We will be taking bits of inspiration from some of our friends and families weddings and even some items from weddings we've seen on tv, in magazine and on blogs. I can't deny that we will be including something's that are just totally us - but would you expect anything else? 

What do you think about having similar things from your friends and families' weddings?


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