Thursday, 21 August 2014

Breaking Traditions...

Traditions are a massive part of wedding. The ceremony and commitment itself is a tradition. But as you have probably realised reading the blog of having met James and I, we aren't exactly a traditional couple! James has been so involved in the organisation of the wedding, we met dressed as Jessica Rabbit and the Joker, and we even had a Doctor Who theme to our engagement shoot! 

So with the wedding speedily coming up, we've been thinking about which traditions we will be breaking and keeping to. 

One tradition that I've never truly understood, is having the bride and groom's friends and family seated on seperate sides of the church. As James and I have a lot of joint friends that we wouldn't want to have to make them decide! 
My luck has continued recently and I was able to win a commissioned project from the wonderful Tracy from Uppercase Design ( who is doing us up a poster for the back of the church something like the one below- we will show the finished product after the big day!

Some other traditions are very important to me. For example, as much as I absolutely love the idea of a  "first look" shoot, I just couldn't deal with James seeing me before I walk into the church.

One of the questions I have been asked is if I will be sticking with tradition and wearing a white dress in the big day... Well now that would be telling....


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