Monday, 28 July 2014

How to organise the perfect hen do!

Catherine writing today!

It's a big blog today, hence why we decided to leave it until today to write it up! It's been a full week since the hen do and I still haven't quite let it shrink in that it's all over! 

As many of you know, I knew absolutely nothing about the goings on in relation to the hen do. I was told to arrive at my mum and dad's house on the 18th of July between 7 and 8pm and to not bring anything with me. 
I would be lying if I said I was totally fine in the run up to the hen do. To be totally honest I was a complete wreck. I wasn't sleeping, I even had a mini breakdown a few nights before it due to getting myself I to a tizzy about it.

I knew my sister would never do anything to embarrass me (too much) and that she wouldn't make me do anything that would be out of my comfort zone. But still, the not knowing was killing me. I am also not a massive fan of being the centre of attention ( I actually hate it!) so that May have been part of the panic!

Anyway I arrived down to Omagh on the 18th, having warned James, that if there were people there waiting for me I would kill him as I had no make up on. Thankfully it was my sister, my mum and my brother's girl friend Hayley who were sitting in the house. Our utility room had a massive sheet over its glass door and I was warned that under no circumstance was I to go into the room. We chilled out watching tv and had a glass of wine (which was of course Barefoot -James called down to our local shop to pick it up for me!).

Just before heading to bed my sister decided to give me a quick heads up on what she had planned the next morning!

I was informed that I would be receiving breakfast in bed, then heading down to the Hair Depot in omagh to have my hair done and then over to Benefit to get my makeup done! Then at 12 people would be arriving! 

Oooo the excitement! Although that was quite early for everyone to arrive... I started trying to figure out where we could be head.

Again, I didn't have the best sleep that night as I tried to work out just what they could have planned.

So the next morning I work up to this yummy sight!

Nom or what!

We made our way down to the hair dressers where I got the most gorgeous updo done (I wish I had got a picture of the back, it was like my hair and been weaves into itself, an absolute work of art!) and then over to Benefit where I got my makeup done by the lovely Emma!

 Poser selfie require obviously!

We then got home and I was allowed to finally see what I would be wearing for the day!

Now I know my sister knows me very well, but she actually got me the most perfect outfit ever for my hen do!
There in the bedroom was the most gorgeous 1950s white flared dress with black polka dots, a big petticoat and the most stunning red heels!
James had left down my contacts and other necessities that morning (he'd apparently been down twice that morning!

At 11.30 I was finally given the whole itinerary! Not only that but I got a whole brides pack including a gorgeous sash!

We were having a vintage tea party at the house with cocktails, then jumping on a bus to DUBLIN!
We were then playing some party games, heading for dinner and going to see DIRTY DANCING at the Bord Gais theatre! 

Oh my goodness was I excited!

We were then heading to DTWO,  a night club in the town where we would be dancing into the early hours!

Seriously folks can you imagine the state of me! I was bouncing off walls! Literally the most perfect hen do that could ever have been created for me!

As people started arriving I was so excited telling them that I knew where we were going and we could talk normally again! My amazing dad even donned a tux and ensured nobodies drink went dry!

Just before jumping on the bus the girls who were heading down from omagh, got this pic taken!

I'm not sure if you can spot them but everyone was wearing stunning shoes! Everyone was told "it's all about the shoes ladies!" 
 The day was definitely all about the things I love most!

We jumped on the bus and headed down the road. We picked up one of the ladies in Aughnacloy and the amazing Davey from Dainty Davey's pub in the town was just lovely and boarded the bus with a tray full of shots! 

When we arrived in to Dublin at the Maldron hotel (which was fantastic!), the rest of the party are there including Nuala, one of my bridesmaids who had flown in direct to Dublin from London.

We all made our ways to my room where we played a game...

James and Nuala had organised between them an interesting game of Mr & Mrs, all technology and all! 

Now it would be unfair to show you all the questions without my answers (also it would be incredibly embarrassing for me). But here is a small snippet of James's input to the Game! 

He is very... Talented, I am sure you will agree!

After this we headed down for a scrummy meal, then on to the Theatre. Dirty Dancing was incredible. I boogied through it, and sang my heart out. It was definitely Dirty dancing on stage rather than a musical as no one started singing for no reason, and there were just a few added parts! Baby was spot on! 

We headed back to the hotel got freshend up, talked about how amazing Dirty Dancing was and then we headed off to DTWO. We had an absolute ball and danced until after 3 in the morning, did some dares... Which most will never be mentioned again, right girls? And got up to some hilarious shenanigans!

I have to say, Dublin was an absolute dream for a hen do! The number of people who came up to me in the nightclub and wished me all the best in my married life was just amazing! The bouncers all had a nice word to say and were all smiles. I would totally recommend heading down for a night out! 

We headed back to Omagh the next afternoon on the bus, a little quieter than the trip down I must admit!

And that folks, is how you run the perfect Hen do!

Thank you so much to my amazing sister and Cheif of Honour Ciara, my marvellous mum and my amazing bridesmaids. Of course thanks to all my amazing Hens! It was absolutely incredible!


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