Thursday, 17 July 2014

Front page news... Nearly

So it's been a really busy week for us! Not only did we meet with the priest, as James mention on Monday, but we also got plenty more creative things done as well!
But we will get into that at another point!

What many of you will have seen today is that during the past week, I did an interview wirgb the lovely Deborah Armstrong from the Ulster Herald about being shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards! 

I have to admit it was funny seeing our mugs in the paper having a smooch but it's so lovely to have so much local support! 
We are so thrilled to have made it to this point and are looking forward to whatever may come out of it all! There is still plenty of time to vote for How Geeks get Married over on 

Next week (if I have survived) I will be giving you the run down on my Hen do!!!
My stomach is doing flips!!!!!


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