Monday, 7 July 2014

The icing...

So a few weeks ago I mentioned our wedding cake. The weekend before last Catherine and I went to visit a local baker after us boys went to try on our suits. We already knew what type and style of cake we were after. We took an image from 'the google'.

On our way to the Ann Marie's house to chat about the cake (her house is in the middle of the country) we stopped to ask directions from a old man tending a field. We stopped beside him and he shouts over "hello good looking" Catherine said " James he must be talking to you" we asked did he know Ann Marie the baker? To which we replied "oh aye yes" he literally was the Irish Tom Tom. He honestly said:

"Go down this road and you'll come to a cross roads… now you'll look right… then you'll look left… then you'll go straight on."

"You'll come to a 2 story house with a stone wall, a big drive up to the house and a big gate… now this isn't her house that's Declan mcgirs house... Go past that…"

This went on for some time... 
Eventually we arrived.

Ann Marie is a very lovely lady. We had a good chat with her about our ideas. We showed her our picture and told her what I expected. You know it's a good sign when a wedding cake baker says "phew… it's going to be a big cake". 

Job done.

A note for those who are planning your wedding... You should remember ask when the cake will be ready. We are to collect and pay for ours the night before the wedding so I can deliver it to lusty beg.

A very important factor for us is that the cake is suitable for all our guests. Catherine's sister, chief of honour Ciara, is celiac. Meaning no gluten. 
A side note her boyfriend Wayne has caught her allergies so also thinking of him. (Note from Catherine- obviously, Wayne has not "caught her allergies". Also James attempted to spell celiac as "iseelac" lol) 

It was a very fun and enjoyable experience. I can't wait to see it on the day. 

Message from Catherine!

We have received some really exciting news today!
We have been short listed for the Cosmo Blog Awards in the Best wedding blog category!
We are up against some of the biggest wedding bloggers (and some of our absolute favourites!) and we'd love to count on your votes! 

So just click on this link ( and look for us in the best wedding blog category. You can vote for just us or for other bloggers in different categories!

Thanks so much for all your support and thanks so much for the nominations! 


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