Monday, 21 July 2014

Bed of Roses, or daffodils, or carnations, or sunflowers, or baby's breath...

So the plan this week is to finally chat to our florist. So Iona if you are reading this prepare yourself for a visit from bride & groomzilla!

Now in all fairness we are not that bad. We will be happy with anything and we trust Iona and her mad green thumbs. We have a few ideas about what we would like. I personally would like to do something that works along with our table centres.

A funny story about the lovely Iona the amazing florist… So as I have said before Iona is like an unofficial auntie, she is Carols (my mum) bestie. So when we announced that we were engaged to be married, Carol and Iona would talk amongst themselves and Iona offered her services. We were thrilled and of course asked Carol to relay our thanks and gratitude. It wasn't until I posted about Iona being our florist that she received the message.

Iona discovered after reading the blog. For us this was hilarious, Iona came in to work with Carol and said "you never told me I was doing the flowers!"

Needless to say this post is my message to her. Expect us soon. And thank you again.


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