Friday, 26 September 2014


First off folks, I'd like to apologise on behalf of James and myself! We have been very badly AWOL for nearly two weeks now and that is down to a number of things. 

First of James and I have been pretty I'll these past few weeks. We both contracted two horrible variations of the dreaded lurgy that is going around. It was so serious James even went out and bought himself medicine. James never take medicine, so when he arrived home from work with cough syrup, so others and a grumpy head I knew it was serious!
James is a much better patient than I. Well no that's not true. James just carries on and attempts to fight through it by working harder and infecting as many people as possible around him. I on the otherhand curl up in a ball and sleep. Or at least I usually would. This time around I had something to organise...

It is now less. Than two weeks to the big day and there has been so much to do. I have only just confirmed the music for the day, I had my final fitting of my wedding dress during the week. The boys have all be measured for their suits. The favours are sorted, the surprises we have planed through the day are basically completed. I have confirmed our entertainment, I hav a few wee bits and pieces to sort out with te photographer... And so much more! 
Everyone said that we'd have so much to do in the last few weeks and I did believe them, but holy cow there's a lot to do when planning a wedding!

James and I did kind of take some time out from planning our own wedding to attend the Quirky Weddings Alternative Wedding Fair in the Waterfront Hall which was fantastic! Was so much fun being a judge this time around! I would definitely recommend everyone go to it, not just brides and grooms to be! 

All of our legal papers are all sorted, they just need to be signed on the day which is speeding up the road! I can't believe I have only one more post before the big day itself....



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