Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dum, dum di dum...

If you are friends with me on Facebook you will know that today's post is all about music.

Choosing the music for the marriage ceremony is really Important. I am lucky as I have grown up in an area where singing is a talent which is highly encouraged, and at every wedding I have been to I have been blown away by the singers.

You may have recently seen this incredible video of Niall Donnelly singing his bride down the aisle. It's absolutely beautiful, and not only is he a local lad, but he is actually my cousin's cousin (no jokes on how we are all related in some way in Tyrone!)

 James's sister, Michelle, had the wonderful Nuala McBride singing at her ceremony as well as at the reception.  Nuala is incredibly talented across a range of instruments as well as a a singer!

I first met Nuala last year as she had entered the Tyrone Selections of the Rose of Tralee, where I am a member of the committee. Another entrant was Orlaith McGinn.

Orlaith and I had been friends since we were babies. Our parents have been friends for years. When we were younger we would hang out all the time, and one of my favourite memories growing up is sitting in the McGinn's front room and singing (well me attempting to sing) All Saints' Never Ever.  Both Orlaith and her sister Aisling are incredible singers. I can't hear the song Summertime without thinking of the rendition Orlaith did as the soloist in our school choir. 

When James and I confirmed the date of the wedding, we started looking at all the other things we needed for the day. 
Excitingly at the same time I saw that Orlaith had launched a page for the music Group OuR Music.
It was meant to be! Thankfully Orlaith was available (there was no chance she was getting out of our wedding- The Ginns were shoe ins for an invite ;) ) and she will be singing on our very special day! Now just to decide the actual songs...

I am going to leave you with this amazing video of Orlaith and Ryan from OuR Music singing Bright Blue Rose


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