Thursday, 27 February 2014

What's in a name?

Your wedding day is obviously a massive day for any couples life but its a massive day for a girl who is giving up her surname!

Now don't get me wrong, I can't wait until I am Mrs Catherine Muldoon, but I've come up against a couple bumps in the road.

They are entirely selfish problems… For those who don't know I am the Marketing Manager at Taggled. I have been working in Digital media and marketing for a while now and have been building up my presence online. There are quite a lot of Catherine Morrises online and it took a bit of work to get my name on the front page of Google. Starting over would be even more work.

No matter what you say, everyone has googled their own name at least once! Googling my soon to be married name seemed like a good idea, kind of the signing your diary with your new signature for the 21st century.

I thought I'd do a check on who I might be up against…

That's right, the "other" Catherine Muldoon was 2012 Miss Virgina USA… Seriously! She's not just gorgeous, but she's also a Doctor of Dentistry!

So, yeah…

James and I talked about maybe being the "Morris-Muldoons". I say we talked about it… I mentioned it and James said "No Chance, we'd sound like a dance troop".  So that was out. 

Loads of people also asked if we'd consider being the Morris's. I don't think this ever really came to my mind before. Its really important to me to take James's name. As my boss Ian mentioned today, getting married is the joining of two people to become one family. It will probably take a while for me to get used to being the next Mrs C Muldoon (James' mum is also C Muldoon) but I think I can get used to it…

I best get the use out of my name (and my business cards!) while I still can. 

Miss Catherine Morris 


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