Friday, 21 March 2014

Been keeping this one in "Reserve"

So its been another awesome week in wedding prep, invites well on their way and I won another Two Competitions (need a little help with something attached to one of them, but i'll ask for that at the end!).

But what today's post - which is late again! sorry folks - may well leave our guests with a bit of a headache!


For James and I, there was only ever going to be one wine that we could ever have at our wedding. I found the wine before I had even met James when on a weekend at a friends in Liverpool. I introduced James to it on our third date, when I made him a very fancy dinner* in my place (*may have been a dine in for two for £10). I bought the wine separately because it is the yummiest ever!
Neither James nor I are wine connoisseurs, but like most people from our end of the country, we know what we like! No matter what type of wine we get from this brand we know its going to be an enjoyable drink. So what is this magical wine that we can give to anyone and they will like it?


Like I said, I have been a fan of this wine for a while. So much of a fan that I have actually had conversations with the founders of the company and authors of The Barefoot Spirit, a book about the story of Barefoot - from a laundry room wine to the company sale. I am yet to read the book but really want to!

I think what I love most about Barefoot, other than just how it tastes, is how amazing their community is around the wine. They have a fantastic website that even gives you recipes on what to use their wine in - I really want to try and make their Merlot Brownies!!!

Their online presence is awesome.

Anyway! Luckily Lusty Beg allow us to have our own wine! So every table at our wedding will have Barefoot wine at it! And in true How geeks get married fashion, we already have all of our wine bought! In fact, we had it all bought before Christmas! Everyone finds it hilarious that we have so much wine and haven't been tempted to open one of the crates. To be honest, I have been soooooooo tempted to open them, but it wouldn't be worth the stress of trying to buy more nearer the time! We got a great deal on them, and one less thing for us to worry about down the line!

So folks get excited to taste the yumminess, and bring some painkillers for the morning after, or be prepared to dance it off!

Now to ask for some help! At the start of this post I mentioned I had won two more competitions (yey!)! One was the fab accessories comp ran by Life of LaLa via her Facebook. I can't wait to receive my prizes!!! The second was one that I'll be talking about next week, but I need some help with it! Can anyone recommend a hairdresser who might be available tomorrow (saturday 22nd March)? If you do give me a shout on Facebook, via email or twitter.

*This is NOT a sponsored post - that would be the dream! We really do just love this wine!

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