Thursday, 27 March 2014

we all love a bit of cheese… right?

Today I was planning on showing you something else that I won, but it will have to wait for another post! I'll let you in on the secret though! I recently won an engagement shoot with a local Photograher (Jonathan Ryder) on Facebook! We had planned on doing the shoot last saturday but Jonathan and his Wife had a baby Girl on the Thursday (congrats to the whole Ryder Family!!!). We have rescheduled and we will get the pictures up as soon as we have them.

I have to admit I am not usually the biggest fan of engagement shoots. They can be so cheesy. I know people will be calling out that James and I are all about the cheese, but some just take the biscuit, or should that be cracker?

We have all seen them...

Love the matching jumper for the cat...

Two pets means you definitely need two scrunchies

Really… portapotties...

… I have nothing to say...

But when I saw Jonathan's competition appear on my feed in facebook I was instantly drawn to his photos! They just seemed so natural, nothing too staged and not too much work done to them. Jonathan had asked for us to tell him our story and he would be selecting the winner in a few weeks! No our story is special and as you know, I can't help but share it! So two weeks later I received this email!

I was on my way to London to visit Ciara and Nuala and received the email whilst in the airport!

We are planning to have the engagement shoot next week so will tell you all the ins and outs then!

So exciting!!


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