Tuesday, 1 April 2014

All fun and games...

As follow up to my last post (not that I forgot to mention) one of the biggest obstacles I was faced with for Neil’s stag do was entertainment. It is all well and good organising accommodation and flights for a stag do but that simply wasn’t enough for me. At the time I thought ahead and tried to plan out the entire weekend. Yes there would be some pubs and nightclubs but there is a lot of time in-between that needed filling. Since we had the penthouse to have drinks in we would be spending quite some time there.

I searched the Google far and wide to help inspire me with ideas. Mostly they were drinking games but there were also a few gems.

Beer pong: This was the first game that sprang to mind, cheap and cheerful with an element of competition. A simple game easily thrown together with a few plastic pint glasses and a couple of ping pong balls. I’ve always considered it to be a very American thing and that it wouldn’t hold the attention of a bunch of rowdy lads. I was right. By the time I had set up the glasses and tried to explain the rules, the beer was drink and all attention was lost. The major drawback to this game is that it has rules. Too complicated for heads that had never played before and already has had a few.

Chaser: this game involves splitting the group in 2 and each team member has to down a pint. The person cannot start theirs until the person before finishes. The first team to finish wins. At this point I should mention that I had made plastic medals for the winning team. Unfortunately I didn’t anticipate one fella not begin able to down drinks so opted to pour the pint over his head. In hindsight we all should have thought something was up when he reached the table in just his boxers.

Fuzzy duck: this is one of the simplest games ever invented. Each person in rotation says “fuzzy duck” after each other until one person says “Does he?” the rotation changes and the phase changes to “Duck Fuzzy” this continues until a person messes up and has to drink. Loads of laughs are to be had with this game.

Lastly I had organised a bunch of dare / forfeit cards to be used on the day while we were hitting the pubs. Sadly we were having too much fun for these to be used by would have been hilarious.

All games aside when there is a group of lads that all know each other and are there to celebrate the same thing there is no need of silly games but it’s good to keep a few in mind to keep the craic going.

I can only hope I have as good a time at my own. That is for a later post.


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