Thursday, 3 April 2014

shhhh… don't tell anyone...

So I have something to tell you all…
Some of you might have had an inkling for this already. In fact, there are a few of you that already know this because we have had the chat.

I can't keep secrets.

Like actually can't keep them. It has only been since we started arranging the wedding that i have realised that my dad and I are in fact the same person. My mum reckons its because we never had secrets in our house. I just haven't had the practice. The more we plan the more secrets I have to keep, and to be honest, I think I am getting on James's nerves.

Apparently I have been giving away way too much information. As I've never planned a wedding before, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to tell anyone the colour Bridesmaid dresses we were having, or that I shouldn't be showing people outside "the inner circle" (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents) the invitations before their names were on them. According to James, these are all massive no-nos! Who Knew? ("Everyone" I hear you cry!)

The biggest secret that is causing me the most issue is everything me related at the wedding. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup. The whole shabang. Now keeping it secret from other people I can do, but keeping it all from James is killing me. We live together, we tell each other everything but I can't tell him anything about the these massive things! It's getting really really difficult but I don't have any other option.

Anyway, I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut going forward, for fear of James calling the whole thing off - plus I want to see peoples faces on the day, enjoying all the special things we have put together. I mean… not that we have anything special organised…


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