Monday, 7 April 2014

If you build it, they will come...

So Catherine and I are coming into the “6 months to go” stage of our 11 month engagement. We are just about half way there. We have the majority of the different elements of the wedding completed and all set in stone for the big day. There are a few stray items we have to take care of but for the most part we are there. The biggest worry for me is that everything comes together with as little stress as possible.

To be honest there was one thing I was really worrying about...
While driving back home from a weekend of wedding related activities (Catherine will go into detail in her post) we got to chatting. I thought, no better person than my future wife to bounce my worries off.

James: “Catherine...”

Catherine: “Yes James...”

James: “I was just thinking, what if nobody has fun at our wedding... or worse doesn’t GET IT”

Catherine: “...”

Catherine: “I know that it’s going to be a fantastic day for us, and hopefully everyone will have a good time.”

At this point I was thinking she’s right, as long as we have fun that's all that matters.

Catherine: “I don’t mind people thinking back on the wedding/reception and NOT thinking of it as the best one they have ever been too. I just want them to walk away thinking that was totally James and Catherine”

This dissolved any worry I had, as I felt the same way.

James: “Anyone can do a standard wedding but we are putting so much of ourselves into the day, they are totally going to think only James and Catherine could pull this off”

We chatted on about things and asked each other if we would do the TV show Four Weddings. We both said we would, but came to the conclusion that the guest list is so tight there would be no room for the other brides.

I should explain why this was such a worry for me in the first place a little.

I am a complete perfectionist so much that I plan most small details months in advance. Just like the Stag I organized I can’t stand people not having fun or not being entertained especially at a party or function I have had a hand in organizing.
The lesson I have taken away from this is that I can’t see myself without Catherine. She is the voice of reason in my head and I am sure I am hers too. Like the organizing of our wedding, it’s the small details that make everything wonderful. And it’s Catherine for me that make the small details worth doing.

The funny thing is that we take it weeks about to worry about different silly things but we both end up in the agreement that;

“As long as you are there and I am there, that’s all we need... Well a priest and some people but thats just the legal stuff”


  1. There are so many differences between a wedding and a marriage, and from what I've seen from the way you write about each other, it doesn't matter if no one 'gets' your wedding because your marriage is going to be awesome.


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