Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tired and a bit emotional...

I am currently sat in a hotel in Amsterdam watching one of the worse movies I have every seen, but I am too tired to even attempt to turn it over. This my friends is my excuse as to why this post will probably be terrible and will probably go nowhere.

Obviously with us taking a break from the post i've been thinking over what i wanted to write about. I have been so honoured to have had a few other brides to be to send me messages asking for advice and as well as keeping me up to date with their plans. I guess what the blog is all about is us doing the same thing as millions of other people are doing everyday, just in our own wee way.

I suppose what would be obvious to avoid is the thing that, I hear, everyone goes through.

The Fear…

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to get married! I can't wait to share my life officially with my dream guy! I also can't wait to celebrate it with my friends and family. What scares me is the thought of walking up the aisle and people looking at me. I am not a centre of attention kind of girl. Although I get in front of camera with my work, and even talk at events, but I am not a fan of people directing attention at me. Add to this the fact that we are getting married in the Sacred Heart in Omagh, which I am pretty sure holds the record for the longest aisle in the world* (*may not actually be true but it feels like it) and I will be shaking in my fabulous shoes (which I have chosen, sqwweee!).

I brought this fear up with one of my fabulous bridesmaids Cathy. We were on our monthly dinner date this week and were talking through some of the wedding plans. I brought up my nervous feelings and Cathy sorted me right out. She gave me one of the best pieces of advice that absolutely made me feel a million times better straight away.
She said plain and simply; "It would be weird if you didn't feel that way". She talked me through exactly what i was feeling. And then she had me think through exactly what I'd be doing on the day. I would watch as all my favourite girls walked up the aisle, I would hold on to my Dad's arm and I would look up and see the love of my life waiting at the top of the aisle, ready to promise to spend the rest of our lives together. And I would smile.

Now every time I get a moment of the fear I think about what I will do when I walk into the Church on the biggest day of our lives.

So if you are getting the fears, I can only recommend you try this out.


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