Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The lion, the witch and the... cupboard?

This morning I was greeted at work with the normal banter until a mate tells me something he heard on the weekend. Two friends of his got engaged, my immediate thought was that’s great. He went on to say that they are getting married in 2 weeks. This blew my mind.

Being in wedding organisation mode I have convinced myself that I am an expert in the field now. My mind began to wonder how it can be done in 2 weeks. After about 10 minutes of thinking dresses, cakes and music. I came to the realisation that Catherine and I couldn’t do it in that time frame. At least in don’t tell the bride they get 3 weeks.

I have been working on a project for the better half of 3 months now, it is nearing completion however it is still a long way away. A full post will go into detail about what it is and everything but that’s for after the wedding. It is secret projects and little extras that at least for me and Catherine will make our day special for us and it is these that take all the time and effort.

Time is a major issue to deal with, not enough and I would expect you will not be able to have as personalised an occasion as you might hope for. Too much time leaves you feeling you need more and more that really is completely unnecessary and a bit overwhelming. I believe Catherine and I have struck a healthy balance. Any more time on our hands and I would be afraid of the ideas we would come up with.

There is a very important element to planning a wedding something that we had discovered and named over the weekend... ‘the wedding corner’. The wedding corner is a place in our house that is stuffed to the gills of wedding related items, which have to be kept safe but out of the way. It started simply enough to hide our barefoot wine so that we couldn’t get our hands on it. It has been tough but we do most of the time forget it is there. The wedding corner actually started in the cupboard underneath the stairs but has grown over the last five months out of the cupboard to engulf the entire area. It has been the dumping ground for all things wedding. It often catches my eye and I say to myself “ohh... completely forgot about those”.

From favours to centrepieces the wedding corner is a treasure trove of secrets and surprises for our guest at our wedding, it is unique to us and scanning over it fills me with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for our big day. Be warned if you are planning a wedding or have just got engaged you will lose a portion of your home to the wedding corner.


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