Friday, 14 March 2014

Lucky in Love...

So many of you (well, all of you I'd assume) would probably say that I have lucked out with my other half! He is amazing in every way! He cooks, he cleans, he treats me like a princess.

He makes me awesome gifts;

He Surprises me with trips to Disney World… yeah I am pretty lucky. I could gush on about him all day (and if you ask any of my work mates I really do!), but todays blog post (which is a day late, I know!) is about another sort of luck I have.


So if you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed recently I have been on a bit of a winning streak!
I love competitions and enter quite a few. I am not a massive fan of like and share comps on Facebook, unless it is something I really want - and I have to trust the brand/person running the competition!

Studio D

The first one in my recent wins was the LVL Lashes competition run by Studio D and promoted by the fabulous The Yellowest Diamonds. I am going to steal the photos form Danielle's blog on her experience at Studio D getting her lashes done, as I was too excited to remember to take a before picture.

 I have very fair lashes and love a dark thick lash to go with my usual think eyeliner and tend to wear layers of Benefit's They're Real everyday. Since I got my Lashes done by the wonderful Dee, I've only added a quite swipe over my upper and lower lashes and they are looking great!

It's been over two weeks now since I got my lashes done and they are still fabulously lifted! And people are still asking if I have falsies on!


You may have noticed that I am a massive fan of crafting and DIY - James is a king at all things crafting - bar painting ;). I have love Brides-made  since the moment I found them! This fabulous engaged couple show you how to do all the crafty things you could want to yourself! I entered their recent competition to win some fun props for our wedding day!
We won all this ^(our polaroid frame has our wedding date on it!)

Each of the little brown bags has a how to guide to make even more fun things! (You can buy the how-to bags from the Brides-made site).  Can't wait to incorporate some this into our day!!!

Paint it Personal

I also entered a competition from Paint it Personal. their wall murals and canvases are fab! They can do commission pieces or you can select from their amazing range of previous orders! James and I chose something special for a very special little girl in our lives, but you will have to wait to see that!!!

Hints and Tips

The two tips I can give you are;
1. Check that those running the competition are legit:
There are loads of FB pages you are just looking for lots of likes on their page and never actually give anything away! If it seems too good to be true it probably is!

2. Enter competitions!!!!
The old adage is true; If you aren't in, you can't win! So many people say to me - "how to do you win some many awesome things, I never win anything!" I always ask - "whens the last time you entered a competition?". More times than not they haven't entered any in forever! Its all about playing the odds, the more competitions you enter, the better chance you have of winning! 

Now get out there and enter those competitions - or maybe don't… I want them all for myself!

What are your hints and tips? Leave a comment below!


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