Monday, 26 May 2014

Imagine That...

This weekend Catherine introduced me for the first time to one of her bridesmaids the wonderful Cathy Campbell. To be honest it had got to the point where I started to believe that Cathy was a figment of Catherine’s imagination, her imaginary friend.

Thinking about it, it does seem quite strange that I have never met her ‘soon to be’ bridesmaid, but when I thought it out it was completely natural. Catherine’ other two ladies currently reside in England and Cathy is a Paediatric Registrar in Craigavon while living in Belfast. Working the crazy hours of a doctor and living in the city that I do not frequently travel it seems unless we made the effort to go out of our way we wouldn’t be meeting until the day of the wedding.

Catherine and Cathy have an arrangement that even with their conflicting schedules and busy lives they meet up at least once a month for diner or coffee for a good catch up. Catherine has said to me many times that “if we (Cathy and her) didn’t see each other for 10 years, we would meet up and it would be exactly like they had met every day, nothing would be different.”

Catherine had set the date for us all to meet weeks ago and since then it has been wild teasing. I have been jokingly informed that “if Cathy doesn’t approve the whole things off”. We met up for diner in Omagh, I can confirm that Cathy Campbell is not Catherines imaginary friend, she is in fact real!!!

We all had a lovely evening and the time flew past; there were a lot of stories and catching up. A lot of wedding plans discussed and secret plans shared. A good laugh was had by all. The main thing to come out of the evening was that Cathy does approve and the wedding goes ahead as planned.


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