Thursday, 22 May 2014

The "F" Word

So there is a word that has become more used since James and I got engaged, and I am just not all that comfortable with it. Every time I hear it, I just get a bit, I don't know, awkward and think there has to be a better way to getting the message across.

 That word is…


or is it Fiancee - who is whom in these titles, it completely confuses me!
It may be because I was absolutely terrible at French in school (sorry Mrs Cassidy). I just do not like the word. I predominately refer to James as either "my James", "the fella" or "the other half".

James on the other hand has numerous names for me depending on who he is speaking to (all of them lovely of course!). At work, I believe, I am referred to as "the wife" or "the hen". I am fine with all these titles but fiancé just doesn't work.

 James and I talked about this the other night and released we both feel the same abut it. I reckon it's because a Fiancé is a title you will only keep for a small amount of time, you can be boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife for ever, but you will only be a Fiancé for the time between these titles (or in the case of Rory McIrloy and Caroline Wozniacki until the wedding invites go out :s).

 I find it very difficult to call James my fiancé/fiancee to other people as it can feel like I am showing off that someone loves me enough to put a ring on it… but I guess thats what it is.

 Anyway I will either have to get used to it or just wait out the next 140 days (oh my!) until I can officially call him my husband!


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