Tuesday, 6 May 2014

On par of the course...

The past few weeks I have found that we have put wedding planning stuff on hold. Not by choice but between business trips and personal trips away we have had very little time to spend concentrating on getting things booked or bought. We do not rush into any decision and if we don’t have the time to consider all the outcomes the decision is put off until such times as we have.

This weekend sees Catherine and I attending our mandatory wedding course, this course is a requirement for any couple looking to get married in the Catholic Church. We are attending the course in Omagh, not far from home at all, we pretty much go to Omagh every weekend. Oddly enough I would be quite apprehensive about the whole thing. Catherine says she is not worried about it at all, only worried about me.

Allow me to explain. I am very argumentative (Note from Catherine: He isn't argumentative – he is just assertive in his view, and always gives others a chance to share their views.). There is nothing that gets me more agitated than somebody telling me how to do something or that I’m not doing something right. Especially if I believe I am right. Normally I would voice my opinion, that is why I am not looking forward to biting my tongue for 8 hours (another note from Catherine – He has got himself tangled in a knot for this, it won't be as bad as he thinks!).

Hopefully this wedding course will get us back into insane planning wedding mode. You never know I might learn something new or get kicked out of the course, we will see. I will write a post about my experience next week.


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