Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Check! Please....

So we have the Honeymoon booked. That is a major check of the list. Now I say list what I actually mean is lists!!

I have found that through the whole process of organising a wedding Catherine and I have created an amazing number of lists. There are lists for different parts, times, families even to do lists for us.  From the humble beginnings of the list of venues right through to the list of guests, there is no element that does not require a good aul list.

It is the simplest way to keep all the different parts of the wedding machine moving and hopefully come together. We are definitely list people, Mostly we create a general list of what we have to do on the weekend and choose one task and see it through. Now there are speed bumps along the road (new tumble dryer or a car breaking down) but if it is on the list its getting done!

I wish that we had one giant list on a excel sheet that I could share with you all however mostly they are scattered around, on the living room table on the fridge door in random note books but it is defiantly an organised chaos.

There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the tasks set for the big day. Even more satisfying is the “Check!... Check!... Done!... Check!...” when either one of us being rattling off the hundreds of jobs we completed.

The most stressful of all the lists is possibly the guest list. But that’s for another post.

New item on the list – Create the master list...


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