Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Suits you sir...

This weekend two list items were dwelt with. I went to Omagh to see if my suit idea was actually do-able and to check availability. With my best man and groomsman we travelled to SD Kells in Omagh, they had the suits however the colour was slightly of what I was thinking, slightly disheartened Jason says “sure is there anywhere else we can go while we’re here?” off we went to bow bros. Bow bros are agent for debonair in Magherfelt. They were able to dress up a dummy (not me) in the style and colour I am after. We were told if we wanted to try it on to see what it would be like we would have to travel to Magherfelt.

The guy at bow bros was very accommodating and even called Deboneir to arrange an appointment. We were told if we left now we could be there in an hour and they could fit us in. Naturally we left and decided to go for a subway. We arrived an hour and a half later. Once again very nice people I was able to try on the suit and naturally I was faced with trouble shooting some problems. Jason and dinky asked the shop assistant “is what he’s going for normal?” to which she replied “It’s a bit unheard of”, they both said “perfect for him”. The one thing I will say is bring your phone! I left mine in the car but lucky Dinky was the selected photographer. This I thought wasn’t a big deal that I didn’t have my phone to take photos until the shop assistant said “normally we do not sign all off without the bride being present.” I thought “pphhh... I know what I’m doing!” oh how wrong I was. It wasn’t until the third combination of suit and ties that I realised “yeah I need Catherine here”.

I left debonheir with more doubts about my idea than I ever had before. So naturally enough we went and had a pint. Dinky emailed me over the photos and in the comfortable surroundings of a pub I was able to ask the boys what they really thought and it was encouraging. Back home I showed Catherine the photos and much to my relief she loved them. All we need to do is go back with Catherine’s permission.

I was home but 15 minutes and we had to leave again. Catherine and I met up with our baker. Ill leave that for another post


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