Monday, 3 November 2014

Champagne? Don’t mind if I do...

(Note from Catherine : Sorry for no post last week, I was supposed to have the photos all edited and ready for James's blog, but I still haven't quite gotten around to it! So today you are getting the non-edited versions plus an extra special video that you may not have seen if you aren't friends with us on Facebook!)

The Mass was over and we signed the papers. We were all in good spirits. We all noticed that the sun started shining through the window onto our wedding papers. It looked really cool. We got a chance to get our picture taken with the Cross that had sat at the top of the Sacred heart spire before the renovations had started. It will probably be coming down again for another 150 years!

It was great craic meeting everyone as they were leaving the church. So many faces we hadn’t see in a while as well as those faces that just make you smile. Our little Balloon girl was again very entertaining. 

We got pictures taken with each others families. It is like a tradition in my house that the family wedding picture is hung on a particular wall in the home house so now Catherine and mine will join that tradition.

The amazing Glendale Limousines  laid on a fantastic service, champagne of everyone and coke for the little one (Fionnuala). They were even very patient with us. (Damien ran across the road to get a few Bud for the drive).

The whole time the wedding part chatted giggled and made jokes. Noodles even made sandwiches for the journey. By the way a top tip is to bring sandwiches and snacks in the Limo! You will never believe how hungry you will feel.

The Limo pulled up to the ferry to Lusty Beg, we went across and at this stage we were enjoying the champagne a lot. Our photographer continued to take photographs the whole time. 

As we made our way up to reception we got to see the signs and hearts we arranged to be hung up on the wooden archway. The signs were in retro 50’s style with sayings like “When I said “I DO” I didn’t mean the dishes”

We entered Lusty beg and were greeted by another glass of champagne. Also playing for our guest was our “Bubbles with Bublé”. For the drinks reception entertainment we hired Danny Conlon Jnr

Catherine will continue on Thursday! In the meantime here is a video of some of the fantastic pictures taken by our friends and family!


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