Thursday, 23 October 2014

Videos... Or it didn't happen!

So I got our raw footage the other day and I'm so excited to be getting a chance to edit it all myself! James's lovely uncle Peter filmed the whole day! There are some amazing shots!

You all know that the day was filled with little quirky items but some of you may not have seen that the boys made a special effort with their speeches! Here is the intro to our amazing Best Man's speech!

The speeches were incredible and everyone enjoyed them- that's the joy of having storytellers as family! The craic was amazing!
James's speech was really great, although there were a few photos that I wasn't entirely impressed with! I will let him fill you in with all that!
If you want to see some of the pictures that our friends and family have shared with is on Facebook check out the quick video I made over on Animoto!


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