Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Nudge...

As I waited there was quite a hussle and bussle in the church. Everyone was smiling and they are in complete awe of the size of the church and how wonderfully it had been decorated. Jason the night before had been on his hands and knees watering flowers. We were entertained during the wait by Orla Mcginn with OuR music. I say wait but there really wasn’t much of a wait. Its Catherine-  as she always has said was on time and in fact a little early. There were a few guests that had to sneak their way in before she made her grand entrance. (Note from Catherine - I wasn't early, I was exactly on time- I had warned everyone I wanted photos outside the church and that I would be walking up the aisle at 12pm!)

Father Graham had given Jason the job of nudging me when Catherine was 3 pews behind, indicating when I should turn and shake my new father in laws hand and greet my new wife to be. As I stood there facing forward while the rest of the crowd faced the other I have to admit I got a little nervous (what would happen if I turned around and I got so overwhelmed, what if I was reduced to tears and hysterical crying?) what actually happened was that I was counting the blue dresses I could see from my peripheral vision. 1... 2... 3.... wait a minute why isn’t Jason giving me the nudge. HE HAD ONE JOB AND HE FORGOT THE NUDGE! 

No not at all. In my rush to see my Catherine I had forgot Fionnuala, the junior bridesmaid. As this realisation set in I got the nudge.

There she was, stunning, I was in complete shock. I barely even noticed Liam standing there holding his hand out, Catherine was the only thing I could see. Liam’s outstretched hand was soon noticed, we smiled at each other as he handed his daughter over to me.

With Catherine in my hand all seemed right with the world again.

Father Graham gave great mass. Relaxed, fun but still keeping the spirit of the magical moment it was. 

The music as great, Catherine’s uncle Derm and my sister Michelle did the readings and Catherine’s cousin Grainne and my other sister Claire did the prayers of the faithful. Funny side note is that Grainne and Claire read each other’s prayers by mistake, I noticed as I could see the shear dread on Claire’s face. (Another note from Catherine - I would like to admit something at this point. I may have accidentally told both ladies that they were doing the first three prayers of the faithful... I am so sorry girls! I blame Bride Brain!)

I totally forgot to mention our flower (Balloon) girl, my gorgeous goddaughter. We had got her a helium balloon that read “Uncle Jimmy, here comes Auntie Catherine”. It was very cute. Also she was a great source of entertainment during the mass too.


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