Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How geeks GOT married!

So it official. We got a certificate and everything!

The blog is not over just yet we have a lot to cover all the secrets we have been keeping can finally be revealed.

So I thought I should get you the morning of the wedding from my side.

I woke up early on Thursday morning after a long night on Wednesday of setting up and driving the roads. Jason the best man, Jimmy my dad, Liam and Damien were amazing, they all put in so many miles and were completely needed to move stuff and set things up.

 So Thursday morning up bright and early at 8am. I had a shower and shaved again. I gathered all the things I had forgot the night before. The laptop, the flower girl gift and money to pay for bands. I ran over my speech one last time and drove over to the home house. Jason was right behind me and we were meeting dinky there.

My mum had been to the shop and got sausages bacon and rolls so we all tucked in to a large breakfast. No cooking in the house as the smell would stick to us all day. Dinky arrived all dress suited and booted. He looked very smart. Jason went to wrap his car in ribbon and I went to suit up. All came together nicely. I ordered a slightly smaller jacket for myself and it sat perfect. I put on my braces, tardis cufflinks, cravat and pin, I was ready.

I joined the fellas downstairs, we all sorted all our button holes and had a glass of champagne (just the one).

Jason handed me a basket of prep gifts from Catherine. It was brilliant. She had put so much effort into it. It was a great distraction to go thru all the things and to read Catherine's reasons for each item.

It was time to go. "Jason get me to the church". We left Aughnacloy around 10:30. The drive up was good. We had a good chat and a laugh. I randomly turned on the radio and randomly the song playing was "this is gonna be the best day of my life".

We arrived in great time. We went to find the priest and started welcoming the guests. We met up with Damien ( he showed up without a button hole lol) Jason delivered the rings to the priest and I started the short wait on Catherine.

People kept asking if I was nervous. I truly believe I wasn't. I was sure Catherine would show up and after that what else is there to worry about.


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