Thursday, 16 October 2014

One week done...


I can't believe how fast this past week has gone! This time last week we were outside getting some photos taken by the amazing Isobel O'Brien, but more on her at a later stage!

You got a bit of a peek at James's morning in Monday's post. Here is my chance to let you know what happened on my morning! 

I got about three hours straight sleep the night before the wedding, part excitement, part due I having a head full of rollers! I got out I bed at 6.10am and heading for a shower. Had some breakfast and chilled out with my mum, dad, sister and brothers girlfriend (my brother was still sleeping!). 
Through the morning people started arriving - my amazing aunties Theresa and Anita arrived to do my hair and makeup, and my bridesmaids arrived and got into their matching pjs that Nuala brought! I have them out their dressing gowns with their names on them. 

Whilst I was getting my hair and make up done the girls headed down to Hair Depot to get their hairs done. When they arrived back they got their makeup done too. Isobel arrived just after 10 and just after that I got shouted to come down to the kitchen. 
There I found the lovely John from Dobbin's Flower shop standing with the most stunning and massive bouquet of flowers I have ever seen! At that point Hayley (Dee's girlfriend) handed me a box and said these are both from James!

In the box was the most gorgeous locket with our photos inside it and on the back the inscription "It is a truth universally acknowledged..." Which is obviously the first line from Pride and Predjudice. When I read the card that came with it, I have to admit I had a wee cry!

Speaking of morning gifts, a few of you asked what was in James's "Survival kit" - here is one of the notes I sent to James along with the box!

I then got dressed got a few more photos and chased everyone out to the limo where some of my lovely neighbours were waiting to wave me off!

It was an amazing morning and very chilled out! The only time I felt any stress was in the last ten minutes when I just wanted to get to the church and get married!

When we arrived at the church, James was standing at the door and I have I admit I just wanted to get out and give him a hug! Isobel and mum managed to move people inside and then it was time to head in. 
I had planned for months exactly how we would enter the church. I had timed it and practiced it in my head. The girls walked in perfectly on time, but when it came to me I just wanted to be at the top of the aisle! It was all a bit of a blur, but it was amazing swing all my family and friends looking back at me!
And then I got to the alter...
But the rest of the day is for another post!!!

I'll just finish up saying how happy I am to be Mrs Muldoon!!! 


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