Thursday, 19 December 2013

Choosing my band of Merry Maids...

As soon as James proposed, and I had settled myself, I started thinking about planning the wedding. As we have said we were pretty on the ball, and have quite a bit organised already. Choosing Bridesmaids was probably one of my easier decisions to make as there are 3 very prominent ladies in my life that I consider my best friends.

First up is my gorgeous sister Ciara, my Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid (does anyone know which we should be using? I have no idea!).
I am really lucky to have Ciara as not only my little sister but also my best friend. Growing up, Ciara was always the organised and brave one. She achieved amazing things because she always tried her hardest. I honestly wish I could have been more like Ciara when I was younger, and I made a conscious effort when I started my Masters to try to emulate her in some ways. It turned my prospects around incredibly and it's really down to her that I am now doing a job I love, am engaged to the man of my dreams and am able to be writing this blog right now!
Anyway, less of this mushy stuff and on to… well slightly more mushy stuff!
I had called Ciara on the day of the proposal to let her know we were engaged. I wanted to ask her straight away to be my Maid of Honour, but thought it would be better waiting to ask her in person. She would be home in 3 weeks and I could ask her then! I also decided I really wanted to girls to have a memento from me asking them, I started designing a little card for each of the girls to keep.

The front of the card - inside it said "Will your be my Bridesmaid?"

1 week passed from the proposal and I was finding it really hard not to ask her on the phone. I started panicking incase she either 1) didn't want to do it, or 2) she thought I didn't want her to do it because I hadn't asked her yet. 
Then I received a text from Ciara that nearly broke my heart - 

Ciara - " I had a dream I wasn't invited to your hen party.. just to let you know I was devastated"

I nearly dropped my phone! I waited one more week and then had to contact her. If I couldn't ask her in person I would do it by the next best thing, Skype!
I gave her a call (obviously after x factor!) and asked her straight out, there were tears and giggles and thankfully she said yes! James joined us on the call for a bit ( he even donned a red wig - as apparently "Us red heads need to stick together"). I should her the card over video chat and had a good old chin wag for nearly 2 hours!

The week after proposal (so before Ciara) I asked Nuala - or Noodles as James always calls her. As the two of them had been in cahoots, she had sneakily planned a trip home. It was so amazing to see her and we got to go to the Christmas market and then chill out at home watching Doctor Who in our Polar bear onesies (James was obviously in his Batman onesie…)
Nuala is an incredible friend, who although I knew at school, I only really properly got to know a few years ago. I honestly don't know how I lived with out her. I don't think she realises just how amazing she is, and how lucky we all are to know her! I gave Nuala her card in our house and I am so glad she said yes as well.

That's my two London based Bridesmaids asked - the final of my Tremendous Trio is the amazing Cathy.
Cathy and I have been best friends since the first day of P1, Twenty three years ago! We have only had one falling out - in P2 and it lasted for 15 minutes. I am crazy lucky to have this girl in my life, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like but we could have went 6 months without seeing each other and jump straight into our regular groove of chatting away! A few months ago we decided to make a real effort to meet up at least once a month. It's been fantastic! So I met with Cathy at the Christmas Market and handed her the card. Her response was "was there ever any doubt that I would say yes!". Again we got a little teary and had a big old hug outside of City hall. 

Whilst that was my three Senior Bridesmaids asked I had 2 more very special girlies to as as well! My gorgeous Goddaughter Fionnuala also received a card asking her to be my Junior Bridesmaid! And James's cutie of a Goddaughter Ella was also asked - although as she is only 8 months, her mummy Charlene had to respond for her! 

So that is my band of merry maids! Let the planning commence!
P.S. I am making it known now… no strippers!


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