Monday, 16 December 2013

It's only the beginning...

As Catherine mentioned in her last post thank you all for the gifts cards and well wishes. 
We are both very touched. 
Thank you. 

One of the first gifts we received as a engaged couple was from my family the Monday after we returned from Paris. A wee party and a Tardis engagement cake. It was the girls welcoming Catherine to the family. They are already all thick as thieves, so much so I don't remember the last time any of them called me on the iPhone but they never stop chatting away to Catherine. I have so been replaced.

 So is that it? 

 In the words of Danny Zuko “Of course not; it’s only the beginning.”

 One of the first things we did as a newly engaged couple is to start up a brand new tradition. we both love all things Christmas and so while we were in Disneyland we bought our first ever couple Christmas bubble.
This is a tradition we hope to repeat for many years to come until we have an amazing collection of unique special ornament for our Christmas tree in our home. Even though we disagree with the pros and cons of the real tree vs. the fake tree.

I have had the advantage of coming to terms with being engaged for 3 months longer than Catherine. She is only now getting over the initial shock of it all. Although I still catch her smiling and sneaking a longing glance at her engagement ring.

I will say that being referred to as “the fiancé” is odd sensation a mixture of pride, expectation and joy. It is difficult to put my finger on but anyone who has been a fiancé in the past you know what I mean and to any fiancés to be, just wait and see. I would describe Catherine and I as a very determined couple. Once we get the creative juices there is no stopping us. The only thing is that whatever Catherine wants I will strive to the best of my ability to make her dream a reality. We both think a mile a minute and we are possibly the only 2 people on earth who can keep up with each others train of thought. Right off the bat we had decided the colours. Spoilers. So as to keep some of the excitement for our guests I am obviously not going to divulge the colour scheme of the wedding, besides Catherine would kill me. Also I believe I have proved that I can keep a secret.

How to choose a colour 

There are a few things to consider when choosing your colour, all of which we did:
 Firstly and simply choose a colour that you both actually like.
 A colour that can be found in different materials, like ribbon, card or icing.
 Consider the season you are having the wedding in.
If you cant agree on a colour make a list of each of your favourites and eliminate the ones that you definatly don’t want at your wedding.
If you still cant decide, hedge your bets, short list 2 or 3 and leave it after a few days. You will gravitate to the right one.


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