Thursday, 12 December 2013

Spreading the word..

Straight after the Proposal, my brain started flicking through all the things we had to do. 
I checked with James who knew, and began ringing around to let people know (dreading the next phone bill!). 
First up were my parents, I rang the home phone, still shaking - and yes a little bit teary- and my Brother, Damien, answered. 

Dee: "hello"
Me: "Damien? Guess what just happened?"
According to mum, at this point, Damien's face went pure white.
Dee: "What's wrong! What's Happened? Are you ok?"
Me: "Don't worry it's good news! James just proposed!"
Dee: "He did not!
Me: "He did!!!!"
Dee: "Did ya say yes?"
lots of laughing
Me: "Of course I did"
Dee: "Fair play to ye's, here's mum"

Mum: "Well?"
Me: "I can't believe you knew!"
lots more laughing.
Mum: "Its the hardest secret we've every had to keep"
Me: "How did Dad keep it to himself?"
Mum: "He has been staying away from you as much as possible, sure did you not notice how often he walked away from you?"

This continued on for a bit. Permission was given to spread the word to family. Next, I attempted to call my sister Ciara who lives in London but was in Dublin for the weekend. 

Ring Ciara's mobile - turned off
Ring Wayne's (Ciara's Boyfriend) mobile - turned off
Ring Ciara's mobile again, leave voicemail - Don't give anything away but let her know I have something to tell her and that it was good news so not to panic.

Then ring and text two of my best friends Cathy and Nuala. Somewhere in between all this James rings his family, Squeals of joy and surprise all round!

Unfortunately Disneyland Paris doesn't have 3g, so we had to wait until that evening to let the rest of the world know!

When we did though… well I have to admit I have never seen a reaction like it!

To all of our wonderful friends and family who have been so kind with their messages, cards and gifts, Thank you! 


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