Monday, 23 December 2013

The Three Musketeers...

Catherine has gone in to detail about her bridesmaids, now it’s time to introduce you to the Groomsmen.
I had decided on my groomsmen pretty quickly, they were all the oblivious choice. I went for my two best mates and Catherine’s brother.
The first Groomsman and also the best man is Jason Harker.

On the Monday Catherine and I returned from Paris as the newly engaged couple at the party in my home house, Jason was dropping hints like crazy.
Asking subtle questions like “so... have you thought of anyone for the wedding party?” (With a cheeky grin)
To which I replied “Yes...”
Jason now on the edge of his seat;
“...Catherine has her girls all picked out”
It was my intention to leave him dangling on the line a little longer.
Jason and I have been mates for years. He is the father of my God Daughter Ella (Flower Girl) and my Sisters boyfriend. He is the type of guy that is always smiling and can very quickly put you in a good mood. I know that he will be able to perform his duties well. I know I am going to have to make up a full list of things for him to do as he will want to be involved with everything. Jason became part of the Muldoon family so much so that while I was in America he took my place on the family holidays.

My second Groomsman is Neil Dynes (Dinky).

We have both lived in our hometown most of our lives; however we didn’t become friends until we were both at university in Belfast. We were working the same weekend job beside each other and to relieve the boredom we played the game “think of a song with a girl’s name in it!” After a few weekends had past he invited me for a pint after work and since then we’ve been like an old married couple. We have had plenty of adventures and I played a part in throwing him a wild Penthouse Stag weekend in Liverpool.

There are plenty of ways to ask your potential groomsmen to be part of your wedding party. You can take each out for a meal, visit them at home separately and spend the evening chatting away with plans; you can even get it written on a balloon. I chose to ask the guys to the pub... So I texted them both, organised to meet at our local pub at 1 where I would ask them. I knew that they both knew what was going on but to act along they played dumb. I ordered 3 pints and we sat down. I said “I consider you two to be like Brothers to me (Side note I have 3 sisters no brothers), would you do me the honour of being my Groomsmen.” They both said of course and I said “Jason will you be my best man.” He was shocked and a little speechless. We ordered another round and they started to keep me going about how excited they were about the stag and their wild plans.

Last but not least my third groomsman is Damien Morris, Catherine’s brother.

Damien is a great guy altogether (note from Catherine - How Omagh does James sound here!). He is very welcoming and friendly, even if I am stealing his sister away. But the best thing about him is that he isn’t afraid to throw in a wee slag every now and again to keep me on my toes, which we can all laugh about. It wouldn’t feel right if Damien wasn’t by my side showing his support for me and his sister. I still feel honoured that he accepted my request to be my groomsman.

This is the last post before Christmas thank you all for reading and Catherine will be back by the end of the week with her next instalment.

Merry Christmas from,

James & Catherine


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