Friday, 6 December 2013

The One you've been waiting for...

Apologies for the delay on this one, but I was doing wedding related things last night, but thats for another post!

So in my last post I talked about James's big surprise Christmas trip! In the two weeks running up to our trip we managed to fit in a shopping trip to Belfast - Thankfully we were there before the major Christmas rush, there was only about 1000 people there! James was very keen to get himself a smart coat for the trip, so I couldn't go letting the team down! So we got ourselves some very lovely coats, hats, scarves and James got himself a very sensible thermal top. I reckoned I had so many long sleeved tops it would only be a waste of perfectly good Disney gift shopping money!
We did however get ourself a fabulous Betty Boop for the living room from Nutt's Corner!

I started packing basically straight away and must have repacked about 30 times in that two weeks! I thought I was incredibly organised!

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to get ourselves a drink, charge my phone - I always manage to run out of battery no matter where we go, I am constantly on my phone, and just chill out. We arrived in Paris- on a super speedy flight - and realised we needed a way to get to our hotel. I had previously come across the fabulous Uber! I brought up the app on my phone and book an Uber Exec - I was able to watch on my phone as the White BMW (apparently a 5 series - had to ask James that) made its way to our terminal within 4 minutes! Off we flew to the humongous Raddison Blu hotel. As we arrived, we couldn't believe the size of it. We piled on in, got our key and made our way up to our room. After unpacking I realised I hadn't packed any of those numerous long-sleeved tops I had planned on bringing! I had a vest top to wear under my very pretty coat, with an expected temperature of 2 degrees. So to get over this terrible over sight we made our way downstairs and had dinner and a drink infront of the fire.

The next morning we got up early and headed in to the main spot! Luckily we got the first bus in from our hotel - only 10 minutes away from the park- and queued up to get in. We made our way around numerous rides - three of them breaking down whilst we were on them!

Mid morning we started making our way towards Fantasyland and were heading towards the Castle.

Catherine: "Can we go see the Dragon?"
James: "Nah, sure we will go and see it later."
Catherine: "ok"
James: "Sure we can head to Fantasyland… actually, will we get someone to take our picture here?"
Catherine: "Oh yeah! great idea!"
Random looking around for someone to talk our picture. Everyone is rushing to wherever they are going and none seems to be taking us on.
James: "awk sure lets head down to the Dragon"
I get a little over excited because I think I am getting my way…
Catherine: "Sure why not!"

As we make our way down there is this gorgeous little space.

James: "Sure we will get the whole castle in here if we get a photo here now"
Catherine: "Awesome!"
James grabs a random Spanish guy and asks him to take the picture. James hands over our camera and and comes back to me. I am a little bit annoyed because the guy is taking the photo landscape and is obviously not going to get the whole castle in.

Thankfully James was brave enough to say "Oh will you take another one?"
I was right in there: "oooo, can you make sure to get the whole castle in!"

So as turned face the camera, I try to put my arm around James, but he wasn't there. I turned towards him and there he is…

As I saw him kneeling there, I gasped and then…
"YES!!!! Yes, yes yes" <- this may seem familiar if you have read the blog before (apparently I am even more like my Dad than I thought!)
James continued kneeling there and waiting for me to hush. Eventually I did and he was able to to ask "so...Will you Marry me?". 

There in front of me was the love of my life, with the most perfect ring, in the perfect Tardis Ring box in the the most magical place on earth… Luckiest girl in the world or what?

James reckons he needs a whole post to give his side of the story. SO come back on Monday to get the whole story!


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