Monday, 9 December 2013

The most magical place on Earth

From Catherine’s last post you got pretty much the whole picture. However it’s doesn’t portray the most stressed I’ve been in a long time. On the morning we leave for Paris. The Tardis and ring are safely tucked away in my suitcase wrapped in black cloth inside a satchel, inside the suitcase, im still paranoid Catherine is going to find it.

It’s an odd thing we both love the airport. We tend to get there at least 3 hours before any flight we go on. We love to relax and just watch the hustle and bustle going on around us, while smugly thinking “Muh ha ha we’ve loadsa time to waste” we are odd like that. Meant to be, I hear you scream.

The flight was grand and quick. The super organised Catherine sorts out our car with Uber. At this point it is good to point out that neither I nor Catherine have a French bone in our body. When we roll up to the hotel, I say in the thickest Northern Irish accent “BON JORE” – I have just used the only French I know and I start to wonder… maybe that “BON JORE” was so impressive the receptionist thinks I’m a local… No… the blank stare she got when she spoke was all the evidence she needed. Catherine to the rescue,  we manage to get our room key and book the shuttle bus for the next day.

November 16th 2013, Disney day, a very excited Catherine wakes up like its Christmas morning, I’m not far behind her. We make our way to the bus. Once again Catherine to the rescue… “James… Did you remember the tickets?” back to the room I go. I am not often like this, but there is a good reason. Months of planning were coming together and the time to pop the question loomed over me.

I had struggled to decide when I was going to pop the question. I had imagined asking Catherine during the Magic of Christmas show at night, under the moonlight and just before the fireworks. This wasn’t a good idea. Firstly there is a sea of people all around, its noisey so she wouldn’t be able to hear me ask and finally its dark, I would have been on my knee for 20 min before she would look away from the castle show. Besides I really couldn’t wait another 12 hours.

Alternatively you can get in to Disneyland as fast as you can before the crowds all pile in, go up the castle and propose. This was how I had intended to do it. As we made our way up Main Street USA and drew closer to the castle my jaw dropped, the morning Fog hadn’t lifted at all. It was almost a struggle to see the castle. This wouldn’t do.

As you have read previously I did proposed to the wonderful Catherine under Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The timing was perfect. The fog had just cleared the day was brighter and I had a cunning plan. The Check list… Girl – Check, Ring – Check, Second camera (Don’t trust anyone with your iPhone.) – Check, Location – Check.

As you can see from the picture before the question I have a anxious look on my face and I am rummaging around my scatchel desprerately trying to unzip the pocket that was keeping the ring secret and safe.

She said yes…. Then I proposed… she said yes again.

I felt amazing. The rush of Space Mountain 2 was nothing compared to this. It was a dream come true.

Side note - to the Spanish guy thank you for taking the photograph really captured the moment and it is still amazing to look at it and relive the feeling. Also we are sorry if you were planning to do the same yourself and we kind of stole the moment.

Well what can I say other than everything will fall into place if it’s meant to be. Since we shared to news with all our friends and family we have be regaled with the stories of their engagement proposals including:

My Mum and Dad – While sharing a Chip in the back of the car.

Catherine’s Mum and Dad – “Football comes first and the diner ready at 5”

Well that’s our tale, and we lived happy ever after… well except we have the whole planning of the Wedding to blog…



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