Saturday, 4 January 2014

Change of Plans

I want to apologise for the major delay in this post. I am currently over in Las Vegas and the travel/prep kind of took over! Don't worry, James isn't with me, we aren't eloping or even planning the stag/hen dos here! I am here working! Promise!

Anyway, on with the reason you are reading this! Back to the wedding. This is going to be a short one!

We've had to make a bit of a reshuffle with the date of the wedding. 

People had said from the beginning that things will happen that mess things up, but not to worry too much. We've had one of those! I I'll probably write about it further down the line, it was a tough shock but it want eh end if the world and we've dealt with it now!

We are now getting married on the 9th of October! That means one less week until I am Mrs Muldoon! It's actually crazy to think that next Thursday will be 9 months to the wedding!


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