Saturday, 18 January 2014


How did that happen! Two days late with a post! Shame on me! It's been a busy time since coming back from Las Vegas. We've been booking things, getting arrangements made and really doing a lot of planning. Which leads to todays blog.

 I am an iPhone geek and love me an app. To be honest, one of the very first things i did after we got engaged was look at apps that might help us out on the way to the wedding. The very first one i downloaded was one called WedPics

I love this app. Not only can I upload my pics, and organise them into Engagement, Wedding (right down to ceremony and reception), Honeymoon and memory lane, but so can my friends and family. We will be sending out invites to my friends and family soon so that they can add pictures along our journey. 

We'd love for you all to be part of it so, from our engagement party to the actual wedding, we'd love to see your photos on WedPics! To get started, share any favorite photos from our collective pasts to the Memory Lane album!
Download the WedPics App on the google app store or on iTunes.
Enter the Wedding ID Code:CatherineJames
Or upload your photos on the web:


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