Monday, 20 January 2014

I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair...

I have found that being engaged comes with a lot of questions and follow up questions.
Namely “how’s the organising going?” is top of the list. But there are a few key topics that are asked about frequently. The church, the venue, the photographer and then it’s the florist.

The flowers at a wedding play a larger role than one would expect. They are responsible for setting the atmosphere in the church, the scene at the reception, tying in the colour scheme throughout not to mention finding the next bride to be with the rugby scrum that is the throwing of the bouquet.
At this point I would love to say that at the many weddings Catherine and I have attended that she was one of the lucky girls that fought hard and caught the bouquet. Sadly no. However I did fall madly for her and she caught me so that’s something of a consolation.

The florist for our wedding is my Mums good friend and my unofficial Auntie, Iona Leonard. Iona was the florist for both of my sister’s weddings. The work she does cannot be praised highly enough. All fresh cut flowers delicately arranged with different types and colours all working in harmony to produce a beautiful masterpiece. She does get very excited about it and I’m sure that since our wedding is in the Autumn, she will have a range of flowers and ideas that are around in that late time of the year. I was overjoyed when she offered to be the florist for our big day.

I can say that honestly I will not have much input into the flowers of the big day that would be more Catherine’s department. I do trust that Iona will deliver a spectacular arrangement for us.
Once again we got very lucky in regards to the florist. There are plenty of resources available that can help whilst making a decision about flowers and bouquets. Simple Google searches, bridal magazines and wedding website.

This leads me on to our next exciting reveal…

Catherine and I have been approached by North West Bride magazine.

Between now and the wedding NW Bride Magazine website will be featuring the How Geeks Get Married Blog!
We are so excited to be sharing our story with even more people, and will also be featured in the Magazine!

The Blog will be going up on this week and we will let you know as soon as it goes live!


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