Monday, 27 January 2014

The Big ‘D’ word

This I know is a touchy subject to be coving however it is an important part. In the back of every bride and grooms mind is how they going to look standing in front of a sea of people. Getting photographs taken that will be looked upon for years to come.

The Diet

People do comment that I have lost ‘a pile of weight’ to which I normally reply “Sure I’ve got a dress to fit into”. I have actively been trying to lose weight for the last 9-12 months or so and have just come down under to the 3 stone marker. This has been tough going (I am very regimental in my eating habits). So much so I eat the same thing every day. I know this sounds a bit odd but I have worked it outI can have all the food I enjoy and it is sustainable, until I reach my target.

I do truly believe that Catherine is the most beautiful creature I have ever set my eyes upon and that I wouldn’t change a thing about her or want her to feel that she needs to change. This is about me. She deserves the best, I am no oil painting but I will do my best to try and look striking for her.

Below is my diet, I do hope that this does not cause too much controversy. I do understand that the body needs all different nutrients and vitamins. However I will point out that this is not a diet for life just until I reach my target. Basically the idea is that my calorie intake for a day is 1500kcal. I eat at regular intervals with quite large portioning.

Breakfast (7am) Approx 420 Cal


4 x Weetabix

300ml Semi Skimmed Milk


Tea (10am) Approx 250 Cal


2 x Brennan White Bread

1 x Galtee honey roast ham Slice

1 x Low Low cheese slice


Lunch (1pm) Approx 250 Cal


2 x Brennan White Bread

1 x Galtee honey roast ham Slice

1 x Low Low cheese slice


Dinner (5pm-7pm) Approx 450 Cal


300g mixed Frozen Vegetables (approx 180 Cal)

100g Chicken fillet cooked Sliced (approx 110 Cal)

150ml Pasata (tomato Sauce) (approx 40 Cal)

Generous sprinkle of Chilli pepper powder – kick starts the metabolism

50ml HP Brown Sauce (approx 60 Cal)

50ml HP BBQ Sauce (Green Label) (approx 60 Cal)


Snack (8pm-9pm) Approx 95 Cal

Half of a Flyte Bar

Check Nutritional info and eat whatever you feel like but make sure it adds up to approx 450 Cal:

Dinner Alternate

100g Chicken fillet cooked Sliced

200g mixed Stir Fry vegetables

150ml Curry Sauce

150g Pre cooked Low cal noodles


This is what has worked for me. I have also started back to 6 a side football. This is to keep fit but more a chance to reconnect with all the lads before the eventual stag do! – (Plans to come)


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