Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dress up time!

So todays post is going to be a bit of a mixed bag! It will start off nice, possibly go into a bit of a rant and then come back round to being nice again, I promise! Stick with me!

So this week is a really exciting one. Ciara, my Chief of Honour (She's no ones maid! lol) and Sister, is coming home from london for the weekend, Me, my mum, Cathy (bridesmaid) and Ciara are going Dress Shopping! Sqweeeeee! Ciara has been incredible. She has organised not only our accomodation but also two appointments at two of the most beautiful Bridal Shops in Belfast. We are starting off at Angel Star Brides and then on to Pronuptia.
 Angel Star


I am so excited to go! Hopefully we will be able to facetime Nuala so she can see everything!

I have some expectations of what it is like to go to a bridal shop. It will be so much fun looking at dresses, and maybe finding "the dress".

My Facebook feed has been taken over by so many Bridal shop pages. I recently saw one which was on my way home from work and saw that they had a very impressive sale, in fact they were having a dress sale were some items were only £100! I decided to stop off at the shop to have a look at their shoes and veils! 
Here's what probably should have happened;

I walk up to the door, if it was locked I would ring the bell and someone would come to the door.
Girl from shop, "Hi there, how are you?"
Me, "I'm great, thanks very much, how are you?"
Girl, "I'm doing fine, have you an appointment with us or are you just browsing?"
Me, "Actually I saw your sale on facebook and wanted to have a look at your shoes!"
Girl, "Oh thats great, what type are your looking for?"
I would then describe my ideal shoes.
Girl, "I'm afraid we don't have any exactly like that, but tell me what size you are and I will see what we have that might be another option."
Me, "size 8"
Girl, "I'm afraid we only have these few left in a size 8 due to the sale"
Me, "That's fine,  can I have a look through the veils and the dresses?"
Girl "Of course you can, we actually have an appointment in, so you won't be able to try anything on, but if there is anything you like the look of we can note it down, and maybe book an appointment for you?"

At this stage I would have probably agreed to checking with my mum and sister to see if they were ok to take a trip to this shop as well at some stage. Unfortunately, this is not what happened. I actually had the closest experience to *that* Pretty Woman scene I think I will ever have - obviously without the prostitute thing!
I guess I just wasn't their kind of person. Either I didn't look like I had enough money, or because I was on my own, I didn't have the nicest experience at all.
What actually happened:
I walk up to shop door which is clear glass and see three women standing around the desk. I attempt to open the door but it is locked, the women look at me...
I then press the door bell and one of the women comes to the door and unlocks it.
Woman 1, "It freezing out there isn't it."
Me, "It really is."
Woman 1, "So do you know what you are looking for?"
Me (a little taken back), "Oh well, I saw you were having the sale on Facebook and saw some of your lovely shoes.
Woman 1, "Yes there are here, what size are you lookin'?'
Me, "a size 8"
Woman 1, "Well I don't think we have any, these are all the shoes we have now, let me look and see"
She starts pulling down individual shoes to check their size.
Me ," Actually I have a particular style in mind"
I describe the shoe in basic - obviously can't talk about it on here yet!
Woman 1, "We only really have this shoe and this shoe in your size"
Shows me two shoes the complete opposite to what I had asked for.
Me, "No problem, I was wondering if you have any (proceed to describe a veil I had seen online and couldn't quite remember what it was called)
Woman behind desk practically groans the correct name for the veil as though it was the most tedious question anyone had ever asked. 
Woman 1, "Yes we have a few of those."
Me, "May I see them?"
Woman 1 grabs one from a rail, "Here's one, we have either white or ivory, you don't get tones of Ivory"
Me, " That's lovely"
I would have loved to have been offered to even look at the veil on in a mirror but the "ladies" were not forthcoming with any niceness.
Woman behind desk, "Do you even know what kind of style you are going for?"
I then described my dress, that if I can't find in a shop, or that won't arrive in time if I order it,  I plan to have made to my exact measurements. 
Woman behind desk, "I've seen it a hundred times, you'll be back looking for a dress from us"
Me, "Do you have any in (style I am looking for)?"
Woman behind desk, "Yes, but they aren't in the sale" - she then turns around and starts speaking to the until now silent 3rd woman.
Woman 1, "You couldn't try any of ours on anyway tonight as we have an appointment in."
At this stage I was done with them. I handed back the veil and said thanks very much, that I might be back tomorrow to look at the veil again.

I have absolutely no intention of heading back to that shop, and had considered naming them on here, but I wouldn't even give them the views to their website!

So my first visit to a Bridal shop wasn't the experience I was expected but I can't wait to have a real treat of going with my Mum and 2 of my bridesmaids!

The second part of the weekend with my ladies, I am super excited for! 
This Sunday 2nd February, is the Quirky Weddings' Fair! It will have everything from Venues like the Nomadic in Belfast, to a Wedding video cinema, and even some of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen! James and I went last September before we were even engaged just to have a nosey around, and to hand out some business cards from Taggled

I really can't wait and will be writing all about it next week! 
This really is the weekend for wedding fairs. some of the others happening are:
and of course

I am really hoping to make it to the Ulster Herald Wedding fair in September, just before the wedding to pick up any last minute bits and pieces we might need!

So there you have it one very long, mixed bag of a post! Looking forward to writing about what happens this weekend next week!


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