Thursday, 9 January 2014

The next big reveal!

So as you will have read, I have been in Las Vegas for the past week working, hence the delay in getting this blog up. Its a long trek between Nevada and Tyrone!

I guess is the blog I have been most excited about writing. I get to tell you all where we are having our reception!

Like we have said, we have spent s much time planning out the pros and cons of all our options - distance from the Church, Space for those we are inviting (a surprisingly few spots were it would feel comfortable to have 200 people!) and it had to be a place where we could have the freedom to do some of our more "us" things.

Luckily for us the spot we are having has all these things and just feels so right!

James and I are happy to announce we are having our wedding reception in Lusty Beg in the beautiful Fermanagh.

Our first trip to Lusty Beg as a couple was for my amazing friend Stacey's Wedding back in October 2012.

It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun. We both agreed the place was just stunning, but had a homely charm that we hadn't seen anywhere else.

We made our appointment to meet with the wedding co-ordinator and have had a lot of contact with them since. But all those plans are for another post!!!


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