Monday, 6 January 2014

The Search continues…

First and foremost let’s clear something up… Any super sleuth (Sherlock) facebookers that noticed when Catherine shared her post on facebook “with James Muldoon” in “Las Vegas”, we did not jet off to the Little White Chapel and get married by Elvis Presley in a 1960s Cadillac Coupe Deville. This was an idea of mine but was shot down really quickly, however I still think it would have been epic!!! Sadly Catherine is there on business and I am left home alone. (Sidenote: do not watch Home Alone whilst acutally being home alone, freaked me out, there are booby traps everywhere now!!!)

As I have previously posted we have had many venues to consider all with their pros and cons.

A major contender was the Sliverbirch hotel in Omagh. The ceremony will be taking place in Omagh so this would have been really handy for us and our guests. The Sliverbirch islocated 5 minutes from the Sacred Heart Church. The grounds surrounding the hotel are very nice and the hotel itself is great. The only and reason we went against the Silverbirch Hotelwas that they hosted my sister’s wedding back in July 2013. Thanks to both my sisters the Greenvale and Silverbirch were off the list.


Next up was Corick House Hotel and Spa in Clogher. Once again this venue looks stunning and has loads of great places for wedding photographs. The staff are friendly and they have loads of space that could accommodate our entire guest list doubled. This however wasn’t the place for us. The fact that I would be traveling to Omagh from Aughnacloy just to go back down the road again was too much for my compulsive nature to comprehend. Added to this my best mate (Dinky) had his reception there not but 4 months ago, we share a lot of friends.



It seems that when you really start to look into it, there are a vast number of venues you can choose from, even in a not so big corner of the world like Northern Ireland. This brings me to our next choice. The Great Northern Hotel Bundoran, Ireland. This venue is located on a golf course right next to the beach. The dĂ©cor is stunning and it is altogether not that far out of the way from Omagh. However it just wasn’t right for us.



At this point I can say that yes, Catherine and I have chosen our venue. However I think it would be better coming from her. But what can I say about it without giving it all away.“Spoilers” – (Doctor Who reference.)

The venue drew Catherine and I too it. It was almost like we didn’t go looking for it, it simply found us. It was one of the first places we went to go and visit when we were deciding on a venue. From the moment we left there we were telling ourselves “that was nice… really nice… hmmmm we had better keep checking around tho. The telling sign for us was that every other venue we went to see and thought about we inadvertently compared it to ours. I think the both of us fell for the place. I think it got to the point we were already making plans around our chosen venue whilst looking at others. My only advice would be do go looking around elsewhere and do consider different places there are loads out there and without looking and comparing them you will not find the one that is perfect for you. We spent many nights discussing the pros and cons of them all, eventually it will click together and the place that reflects you as a couple will emerge from the pack and you will think to yourself why did you waste the time looking around. Believe me that wasn’t time wasted, for us it simply concreted our desire for our chosen spot.

Choosing a venue is probably one of most important decisions to make when organising a wedding, I am overjoyed with our choice, so much so that I find myself every now and againdaydreaming and imagining our wedding photographs together. I’d be standing in the most fantastic surroundings holding tightly the most beautiful girl I could very have dreamed up for myself.

Check out Catherine’s post on Thursday for the venue to be revealed


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